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I am trying to average calculate the time between web log entries. If an IP on the network visits the same URL multiple times in a given time period we want to calculate the average time between visits. I cant really do a transaction (at least I dont think so) because the events are the begin or end.

I have a search that groups the IP's that visit a URL more than once and also grabs the log entries for each time the URL is visited.

The fields in the output are:

Timestamp, Src_IP, URL, Count

Now for the fun part. Once average time is calculated we want to calculate standard deviation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

asked 08 Dec '10, 03:32

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One Answer:

Use streamstats

   | streamstats window=1 global=f current=f
       last(Timestamp) as next_ts
     by Src_IP,URL
   | eval tm_to_next=next_ts-Timestamp
   | stats 
     by Src_IP,URL 

answered 08 Dec '10, 07:07

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