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I'm desiging a dashboard with Advanced XML & using Sideview Utils v 2.4.9. The first search returns a Table of results. When a row is click, another search is launched which returns another table with drilled down results.

What I would like to do:

-drill down search loads the table -user clicks the "zoom out" link or "zoom in" link -the second search is re-launched with 10 seconds added or subtracted to the current -'earliest' and 'latest' values of the search

Here's some Advanced XML to help understand where I'm at and what I'm looking to do:

<module name="TextField">
    <param name="template">user=$value$</param>
    <param name="label">user</param>
    <param name="name">user</param>
        <module name="TimeRangePicker" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1">
                <module name="Button">
                        <module name="Search" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col1">
                                <param name="search"><![CDATA[index="my_index" $user$ |  eval et=_time - 100 | eval lt=_time + 100  | table _time user lt et]]></param>
                                            <module name="Table">
                                                <param name="hiddenFields">lt,et</param>                                
                                                        <module name="Search" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col2">
                                                                    <param name="search"><![CDATA[ index="my_index" latest=$$ earliest=$$ | table _time user status | sort _time]]></param>
                                                                            <module name="Table"/>

My inclination is to use a CustomBehavior Module in conjunction with the HTML Module that contains links that launch a JavaScript function stored in application.js. I've dangerously familiar with JavaScript, CustomBehaviors and can most likely figure this out if I get a little push in the right direction.

asked 04 Jun '13, 12:30

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