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I would like to drilldown on a cell of a chart in the dashboard and use that value to re-search and display in a different panel? How should I go about doing that? Thank you.

asked 15 Sep '10, 20:49

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One Answer:

Check out the "UI Examples for 4.1" app on Splunkbase. It has numerous example views in both the simplified and advanced XML format.

Underneath 'Advanced XML', and then underneath 'Drilldown Examples' you'll see several examples of the config you're describing. It generally goes by the name "inline drilldown" or "paned viewer" configuration.

In brief, you can only do this configuration in the Advanced XML, and if you're already familiar with the advanced XML it amounts to just finding the relevant ViewRedirector module and replacing it with a different module or a different set of modules. But look at the examples in the downloadable app because they'll make more sense.

And if you arent familiar with the advanced XML yet, that app can walk you through it from a simple Hello World level.


answered 15 Sep '10, 22:50

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