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I am running a test to upgrade our splunk server from 4.3.2 to my testbed environment which is set up with a clone of our live server, I have run the installation and upgraded to 5 but the splunkweb services fail to start. In the splunkweb log file I see an error where the server is looking for certain directories in the windows app, so I have to rename the directories from 'TA_Windows_FTR' to 'Windows_FTR' and 'TA_Windows_IFrame' to 'Windows_IFrame' to get the services started. If I log in to splunk and open the windows app (running latest version) I get the error in the title of this post. Any ideas?

asked 13 Nov '12, 08:00

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Same issue here, anyone find a resolution?

(14 Nov '12, 05:40) hagjos43

These "me too" messages should be comments, not answers - so others know this question is not answered yet!

(05 Mar '13, 01:31) Jason

One Answer:

Underneath the Windows application, you should see an 'appserver' subdirectory, and under that, 'modules'. Additional UI modules shipped with the application live in this subdirectory. The Windows_FTR module in particular is trying to ensure that you don't simultaneously have Splunk_TA_windows or TA_windows combined with the main Windows app. In some versions, it also warns you if you're running your Splunk server on Unix, which is all too common in mixed-OS environments.

At any rate, it's possible that the module isn't there for some reason (and a reinstall of the app should fix it), or one of the files for the module is missing.

I had a situation where I had to email myself the Splunk app through a very picky mail gateway; the javascript in the packaged app was replaced with Folgers crystals (a text file saying "we removed your javascript!"). The symptom of this was that when I installed the app, I saw the error message you describe.


answered 19 Jul '13, 07:09

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