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is it possible to plot earliest and latest value of field values. or at least earliest time in x axis and field values in y axis. I have tried chart command as mentioned below

index=main source=sourcefilename.txt |chart earliest(PC_time) over field_PC

here, PC_time and field_PC are extracted fields and field_PC have nearly 26 values. PC_time is the time of the events occured. i am getting a table when i am using the search command

index=main source=sourcefilename.txt" | stats earliest(PC_time) AS startingtime,latest(PC_time) AS Endingtime by field_PC

with 3 columns field_PC, earliest(PC_time) and , latest(PC_time), but with the first command I am getting chart plotted field_PC values in X axis but Y axis values are not related to my search result. how to debug the issue?

please help me to solve this issue
thanks in advance

asked 02 Nov '12, 01:32

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lguinn ♦

Is the Splunk timestamp (that appears to the left of the events in a search) the same value as PC_time?

(02 Nov '12, 08:37) lguinn ♦

yup, both are same, just to be friendly with splunk regex i extracted it separately.

(05 Nov '12, 21:16) smolcj
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