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I have create a small form from Sample app and placed in following location with global access $(SPLUNK_HOME)\etc\users\admin\<app>\local\data\ui\

I have updated XML file for this $(SPLUNK_HOME)\etc\users\admin\<app>\local\data\ui\nav\default.xml ...

    <collection label="Dashboards">
        <view name="error" Default="true"/>
        <view name="simple"/>


and $(SPLUNK_HOME)\etc\users\admin\<app>\local\data\ui\views\simple.xml

I can see my error dashboard but not simple that contain form based data.

Here is the content of simple.xml

    <label>Simple Radio</label>

    <!-- Define master search template, with replacement tokens delimited with $ -->
    <!-- <searchTemplate>index=sample from="$from$"</searchTemplate> -->

        <!-- Define a radio button list, populated from a search. searchWhenChanged propagates any change in selection immediatly to the results. -->
        <!-- <input type="radio" token="from" searchWhenChanged="true"> -->
        <input type="radio" searchWhenChanged="true">
             <label>View Result</label>
            <choice value="Hourly">Last 1 Hour</choice>
            <choice value="Hourly12">Last 12 Hours</choice>
        <choice value="Hourly24">Last 24 Hours</choice>
        <!-- <populatingSearch fieldForValue="from" fieldForLabel="from"><![CDATA[index=sample | top from | stats count by from]]></populatingSearch> -->

        <!-- output the results as a 50 row events view -->
            <option name="count">50</option>

I just want to display the form - not doing actual search

Any Idea what is wrong ?

asked 16 Jul '12, 08:44

jangid's gravatar image

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edited 17 Jul '12, 02:32

I don't entirely follow what the desired result is, and if you're getting an error, an empty page, a page with no errors but different than you want, etc...please clarify.

(16 Jul '12, 15:24) Ayn ♦

I can't see in Dashboard Menu list and If use direct path then I am getting following error

404 Not Found

Return to Splunk home page

Splunk cannot find the "simple" view.

You are using, which is connected to splunkd @123586 at on Tue Jul 17 10:34:20 2012.

I can see my all other panel - If I convert any other panel in form view it'll also disappear even after changing the permission

I am following this url to create form

(17 Jul '12, 02:36) jangid

2 Answers:

You don't have a token defined for your radio input. You need that, otherwise Splunk will consider the XML invalid and therefore throw an error.


answered 17 Jul '12, 03:12

Ayn's gravatar image

Ayn ♦
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Dashboards do not go in the nav subdirectory. Instead of nav


use views


answered 16 Jul '12, 12:19

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lguinn ♦
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Sorry copy/paste issue xml file is in right path.

(16 Jul '12, 14:42) jangid
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