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Hi, Can splunk read data from Microsoft SQL Server 2008? We have an application which logs business exceptions to SQL database, currently we have a customized dashboard which shows these exceptions to business users, we are considering to use Splunk for all kinds of exceptions including business exceptions, is there a way to display SQL data (business exceptions) using Splunk.

Thanks, -Wiz

asked 05 Jul '12, 04:12

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Directly, no. Splunk does not have any native interface to an SQL database of any kind. The supported method for doing this is with a 'scripted input' where Splunk periodically runs a shell script of your design and indexes its output. That shell script is free to connect to a database and extract whatever data it desires.

There are some add-on apps in Splunkbase that provide examples / implementations of this scripted input. The first one I found was jdbc scripted input on Splunkbase . I have not tried it, and don't know if it will work for your purpose or not.


answered 05 Jul '12, 06:48

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Can you give an update?

(16 Jul '12, 08:26) dwaddle ♦

You can also use the Splunk MySQL Connector app to define lookups to query tables in MySQL databases. See About Splunk MySQL Connector for more information. The app is available on Splunkbase.


answered 16 Jul '12, 09:55

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