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I have started working on Splunk a couple of days back and we have a customer who is really interested in it. They have following applications and want to collect logs for each and every application.

  1. Microsoft Active Directory
  2. Microsoft Exchange Server
  3. Oracle Siebel
  4. IBM Mainframe
  5. Oracle e-Business Suite
  6. Oracle Database

I know, Splunk can be easily integrate-able with 1,2 and 6. What about others? Waiting for a quick reply

asked 15 May '12, 00:29

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3 Answers:

I don't think we have any pre-built apps for 3,4, and 5. If there is demand, we will build them. Others can let us know by voting this question up or emailing support and asking for the apps that they want the most.


answered 17 May '12, 15:06

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araitz ♦
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Hello, I also have a client who is interested in using Splunk to integrate with the following Oracle applications

  1. Oracle Siebel CRM
  2. Oracle Billing, Revenue and Mangement
  3. Oracle WebLogic Application Server
  4. Oracle Database

Just wondering if there has been any developments related to Splunk & Siebel CRM audit log integration?


answered 25 Sep '12, 22:10

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What are the kind of server logs need to be fed to Splunk inorder to derive workload data for Oracle EBS application?


answered 09 Sep '13, 23:25

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