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I have a stream (udp 518) of syslog coming in from two different syslog servers. I thought that I would be able to specify in inputs.conf like so:

[udp://server1:518] sourcetype = syslog index = index1 connection_host = dns

[udp://server2:518] sourcetype = syslog index = index2 connection_host = dns

This is not working. If i comment out the second stanza, i can see syslog from server1 in index1, but nothing if both are uncommented. Any thoughts?

asked 20 Apr '12, 08:27

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One Answer:

Don't specify the server and you'll get the data from both. [udp://518]

If <remote server=""> is empty - [udp://port] - the port will accept data sent from any server.

Then here to specify the sourcetype etc...


answered 20 Apr '12, 11:26

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