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I have a request from a user who wants to get some stats from the Exchange App around specific users. Namely they're looking for a count of incoming and outgoing messages.

There's a macro in the Exchange Application that would do what I need. Unfortunately, I would have to run it each time for each user they want to report on.

I was attempting to do something almost like a loop, passing the value from the csv lookup as an argument to the macro.

Is this possible?


asked 12 Apr '12, 12:47

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Brian Osburn
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2 Answers:

map ( seems like it should be close to what you want, but I've always had the devil of a time getting it to do anything the way I would expect.


answered 12 Apr '12, 14:25

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dwaddle ♦
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It would be better to describe your use case in more detail. It's almost never a good idea to try to write your own loops in Splunk, nor it is usually advisable to use the map command.


answered 12 Apr '12, 14:54

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gkanapathy ♦
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