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How can I join two table in Splunk using query like this?

select, dialog.callId, dialogParty_dialog_id, attributeKey_id, attributeValue from dialog, descriptionsattribute where callid = 'AL_a8wKVUUuX2qY7DgmBIg..' and = dialogParty_dialog_id;"

thank you and regards, Akas

asked 24 Feb '12, 02:15

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What do you mean by "table"? Splunk doesn't have tables. It does have join and similar operators though, but it's often not a 100% good idea to try to implement the exact same concepts to Splunk searches as with SQL searches. That said, this "Splunk for SQL users" guide should prove useful.


answered 24 Feb '12, 02:18

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sorry, I have two sourcetypes, first is CALL-DIALOG which is point to dialog and second is CALL-DESCRIPTIONS which is point to descriptionsattribute.

I have run this command but no luck

sourcetype="CALL-DIALOG" callId="AL_a8wKVUUuX2qY7DgmBIg.." | fields id, callId | join id, dialogParty_dialog_id [search sourcetype="CALL-DESCRIPTIONS" | fields dialogParty_dialog_id, attributeKey_id, attributeValue]


(24 Feb '12, 03:00) orakanggo
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