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Are there any plans to release a UF programming API ? Not the full blown UF functionality, but maybe just the output logic/protocol to start with. Then you could embed the UF API in deployed code, maybe as a reusable logging appender/handler for various language logging frameworks(log4j, logback, python logging module etc..), encapsulate best practice Splunk logging semantics and the Splunk CIM(vs trusting developers to follow prescribed Splunk logging standards) and not have to go through the additional step of deploying a standalone Universal Forwarder where you control the engineered code.

asked 13 Dec '11, 01:37

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Damien Dallimore
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Hi - We expect that the Splunk SDKs will be able to support this as they stand now in Preview release.

Python: Java (Available 12/15):

Prior to a beta release of the SDKs we will be investigating and validating this. Would enjoy hearing any feedback that you might have if you have already tried this.


answered 13 Dec '11, 16:59

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