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I am having some problems creating a simple line graph outside of the "Advanced Charting" and "Build Report" features. I'm trying to build a simple trendline that shows # of logs per day over a 14 day period. When I try to create the chart in a dashboard panel, it's giving me a bar graph. How do I change the bar graph to a line graph? Is there a parameter I specify in the search?

Also, if anyone knows of any good basic chart making tutorials, I would appreciate it. A lot of topics and examples I'm finding on here are more complex than I'm looking for.

asked 26 Oct '11, 13:53

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One Answer:

I am not aware of a search command option that allows to specify a type of graph (line, bar, column etc). However, you can edit the XML of that panel to include an option like this:

<chart> <option name="charting.chart">line</option> ... </chart>

Hope this helps.

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answered 26 Oct '11, 17:07

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Thanks, I figured it was something simple.

(27 Oct '11, 06:55) appmandan
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