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I am trying to extract a field from logs and generate report from it. Basically, I am trying to identify the authentication method.

My current search looks like -

 * | rex "(?<authentication_type>(?i)(password))" | search password

This extracts a field called authentication_type with value password. But, it considers Password and password to be two different values. Does anyone know how can I force splunk to consider both the same values?



asked 14 Jun '11, 07:12

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One Answer:

Splunk's search command is case insensitive. When creating a report, Splunk will consider these to be seperate values. If you want to make reporting commands insensitive to the case of a field, we can convert the field using eval and lower.

For example:

* | rex "(?<authentication_type>(?i)(password))" | eval authentication_type=lower(authentication_type) | search authentication_type=password

answered 14 Jun '11, 11:24

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So, what if I don't extract fields at search time but extract using the manager? Will splunk consider Password and password different? If so, am I always required to use eval and lower functions at reporting type?

(14 Jun '11, 12:08) rahiparikh

That is correct. You can make the regular expression insensitive to case, but not the value extracted. Eval must be used @ search time for this.

(14 Jun '11, 12:29) hazekamp

Wow! I didn't know that one! Thanks! :)

(14 Jun '11, 12:43) rahiparikh
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